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Monday, March 8, 2010

Gaming as an art

  Art, as i define it, is more the beautiful way someone can use to do or create something and less the way to express oneself. I can find art in a simple loaf of bread and I can't always find art in a very expensive nonsense painting or sculpture that someone decided to throw a bunch of colors blindfolded or to conjure some odd texture into something that only a massive bombing would produce. Under the excuse of expression. Well, maybe I love swearing and by any means it is a way to express myself but I simply can't claim that by swearing everyone along my way one day I created art, now can I?
  Neither every artistic attempt can be labeled as art. Take for example two very beautiful and identical statues. One by the hand of a sculptor with months maybe even years of labor, hardship in every form included. The other comes out by hundreds from a factory production line (Nope, nope, the prototype is not an issue here). Now, identical may be, but really, which of the two I'd like to have in my prestigious whatever-room of this dark tower of mine? Of course the handmade one! Yes....! Why? Because it's the way , the beautiful way that matters and not the outcome.
  Now i wonder....is gaming an art? Naaaahhhh, of course not. I just used the term to emphasize a bit. But....there is a beautiful way to play, yes there is! And actually is determined by the very thing that separates an adult from a child. Imagination! That's the difference that makes the life of the latter colorful and the other's dull. Imagination is what we gradually lack as we grow up....sadly. Whatever excites one's imagination, may be a yellow dot chased by funny ghosts or an Italian assassin jumping over rooftops, will do. Many are claiming offline and mostly online expertise, but how many do actually enjoy the journey and not simply  rushing to the end?
Cause thats the beautiful way to fully exploit what is being offered. Game on!
  Ermmm.....where was i?......is gaming an art?....Nahhhh!
....and where did i put that vanishing powder of mine?

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