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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So what?

   From a certain point of view, i sometimes think that human beings start as nothing more than a single puzzle piece. As life goes on, each and every day, memories, events, people, all in the form of unique puzzle pieces (and some not so unique), some smaller and some bigger contribute to the endless, to a certain point of course, picture of our lives. Not every piece fits, uneven ones are rejected while the right ones bond tightly to the rest. Well, some almost tightly but thats not the point. The point is that occasionally some pieces are abruptly separated from the puzzle. An empty space is all that remains and as every piece is unique nothing can fit on its place. Nothing of all this mumbling is a revelation to anyone but i wonder...after all the missing pieces, can someone tell what the puzzle looked like as a whole?...


  1. well ..maybe the puzzle isnt static but an ever changing puzzle?

  2. Ahh, but it's a lovely new puzzly blog run by a mage. Excellent!