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"Resistance Is Futile"

Friday, April 9, 2010

Elusive Minds

   I used to call it strange dark forest but not anymore. No strange things inhabit it and neither strange incidents happen lately. So that leave us with the darkness thing. Which is a bit of a problem i guess. It's not so dark these days in the forest though. Or is it not? I'm not so sure anymore. I always thought that by getting older, clarity, wisdom, control, peace and other similar qualities dwell to one's mind. Whoever established the standard of the wise old man with the beard and the deep, well thought answers to everything is totally as misled as the one believing that goblins doesn't exist. Experience comes with age, yes, but who has the mind to take advantage of it? Not to mention the ones that are constantly in bad terms with it, makes you wonder how they reached so high in the ranks of age. Comfusion and frustration are the virtues that populate my grey cells lately and i'm a mage mind you! ...and not so old yet...damn, i wonder what's goin to happen after a couple of decades, if i escape that long from the blade of Bill Door that is.
  Anyways, i guess that its not so dark in the forest these days. The tower on the other hand remains dark. No matter how many suns fire on its face, still looks dark. And that adds a personality to it. Rock steady no matter what. I admire him for that...
 'Nough said though, back to my workshop now. Darkness or not i have to finally work on my miniature army again as i came up with a lovely workbench, enchanted ofcourse, and also conjure a counter-curse for that Tasteless Spagetti Carbonara...z..z..zz...Zap!